About Us

No one cares about Your HOME SAFETY more than us, Fabex Electrical & Safety System.
Fabex Electrical & Safety System is a well established company that, specializes in Auto Gate & Auto Door in Penang, Malaysia for more than a decade.
We are backed by a strong group of companies, ensuring you to have us here. Always.


All Our Autogate & Autodoor products are equipped with the latest technology in the industry


We have 10+ years of experiences with high quality services in Autogate industry, ensuring optimal service and Autogate quality.


We do offer one of the best grade of autogate in the industry with an affordable entry price for your home.


We are offering one of the largest selections of quality automatic gate systems in Penang.

About Fabex Electrical & Safety System

Continuing his tour of the many excellent products and services on offer in Penang, Malaysia by small to medium-sized businesses, our editor takes a look at the Fabex Electrical & Safety System company run by Mark Koh, and finds real commitment to customer service and professionalism.

Mark's company specializes in the provision of an Automatic Door System, which opens and closes either by sensor, card or PIN number, or any combination of these methods. He also provides an Autogate that does the same. It provides a convenient way to drive in or walk in to premises, offices or residences, whilst also providing good security.

  • We sell all over Malaysia.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed.
  • Constant updates & support.
  • 24 hours service.
  • We provide best autogate & autodoor.

Fabex Electrical & Safety System provides also 24-hour service, in the event of emergencies, and can advise you on the best solution to your requirements.

Automatic doors at Penang's International Airport in both the arrivals and departures halls are from Mark's company, as well as at many other locations around Penang.

Automatic doors are also an essential component preventing the escape of cool air from air conditioners, thus conserving energy and reducing electrical bills.